Good Morning!

I just wanted to pass on some information I received from one of our clients.

M., the client, wanted to express how impressed she was with Michael B. because he was not only in tune with exactly what she needed but found his follow-up to be perfect.  She felt he really knocked it out of the park with getting them the ideal candidate.  She said she has looked for months to find someone who fit the mold and he was able to get it to her in a few days.

She also went on to say that she really likes the fact that she can deal with different recruiters who seem to have a handle on what they need.  She likes that I told her we have a “team of experts” as opposed to me trying to get her someone and dragging it on and not getting the right person.

M. said that the owner has also expressed verbally (which she says he never doles out compliments) on how Triumph Professional Staffing has really had their back over the past year on getting them the staff they need on short notice.


Clients from our legal department

Barry & Annie,
Thank you, thank you so much for your generosity. The two of you and Triumph are always front and center and we appreciate our special partnership. God bless you both!